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Vieux Château Landon

40 hectares in one piece combining the main grape of Medoc Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot .The majority of the soils are calcareous clay and the vines are planted to 60% and 40% at 1m to 2m.The average density is 7500 feet hectares.The pruning is double Guyot and we let three francs eyes.Some vines grass in the middle and others are weeded open. Treatments are faces by faces with a rational program and we are one to two anti botrytis depending on weather conditions.

Performance that we believe is appropriate to set 45hl per hectare and the harvest is mechanical with a tri to the plot split before steeping.The receiving hopper is not vibrant worm and éraffloir has no gland. Once the grapes in vats we let 48 bays cold before starting the fermentation which is around 28 ° and then after 3 weeks of fermentation we get run wine and we empty the tanks and urge to recover wine press. The tanks are at a temperature of 20 ° to achieve malolactic lactique. Une time it made, we make a withdrawal with an aerator that removes CO2 from the subsequent fermentation. An addition of sulfur is made up of 5gr/hl. Presses are then passed through a special filter press so as to embed a percentage rapidly during assembly that are carried out before the barreling.During assembly LEVIEUX Château Landon has a dominant Cabernet Sauvignon 70%.
Vieux Château Landon for the percentage of new barrels is 30% and the rest barrel from one to three wines. Primarily in French oak.
During the rearing period, which lasts 12 to 15 months the wine is racked once traditionally and then a button click is achieved with adjustment of suffering.
After passing the wine is barrel depending on the vintage stuck with egg white and is about 45 days in tanks.
Otherwise it is just filtered plate before bottling.
The wines are housed in boxes of 6 or 12 bottles..



For 2 years, Mr James SERVAT has been in charge of the technical activities in the domain. He studied wine and spirits trade and graduated in oenology. Mr Servat is also responsible for the crop of grapes, the wine-making process and the wine tasting.  With its experience and passion, he aims at producing the best wine possible. .


Mme Karine LEMAITRE is responsible for the exploitation’s activities and the management of vineyard. She studied viticulture ,oenology and obtain the National Oenologist Diploma from Bordeaux University. She has been working with us for 2 years.


Mr Claude PALANGER is the second generation of his family working in the domain. For 40 years, as our cellar master, he has been taking care of the vineyard , the cellar and the facilities of the Chateau Landon. His experience and his passion are  key factors to produce  high quality wines.

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